25 Ways to Grow Your Prospect List

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The ability to prospect is a vital activity to growing a steady flow of clients in any business. Your prospecting program must reach out to your target audience and moves them through your marketing funnel and convert them into paying clients. below you can find a list of 25 marketing tactics that will boost your prospecting efforts and grow a steady client base over time.

1- Use advertising directories. Look up companies by category in directories such as the Yellow Pages or those published by your local Chamber of Commerce or other business groups.

2- Review membership directories. You can find both consumer and business prospects in the membership directory of any group you belong to. Don’t forget your alumni association.

3- License a compiled list. Services like Text Ghana or ghanayello.com can provide you with targeted consumer or business lists for direct mail or telemarketing.

4- Explore “top company” lists. Publications such as Graphics and your local business journal regularly publish lists of the top 100 companies in many industries.

5- Read the press. Make note of who is being quoted as an authority in your community or market niche. Compliment them on their ideas when you make contact.

6- Publish a print newsletter. Producing a complimentary newsletter gives you a persuasive reason to ask people for their contact information in any environment.

7- Launch a survey. Create a survey for your target market and offer to share the results with everyone who completes and returns it with their contact information.

8- Write a white paper. Researching a white paper on best practices in your field will give you an excuse to seek out prospects, interview them, and ask them to refer you to others.

9- Write an introduction letter. Write a warm letter to everyone that you know, introducing your new service, program or offer and ask them to see if they can recommend it to anyone, who may find it useful.

10- Add everyone who contacts you. Even those who sell their own services can be valuable prospects.

11- Use the search engines. Search for companies in your target market and geographical area, e.g. “Portland hospital” or “Atlanta restaurant.”

12- Explore Social Media. Use Linkedin to find companies or contacts organised by category or location.

13-  Subscribe to business directories. Register where they offer online editions.

14- Offer a bonus. To entice people who visit your site to subscribe or register, offer a complimentary ebook, audio recording, video, e-course, or other exclusive content in return for their name and email.

15- Publish an e-newsletter or blog. People who like what you have to say will forward it to others. Those people will come to your site or contact you to subscribe.

16- Publish articles online. Submit your articles to websites or ezines your prospects read. Your bio should offer readers a gift if they visit your site.

17- Post to blogs and message boards. Answer questions posted on sites aimed at your market niche. Include in your signature a mention of your complimentary bonus, ezine, or blog.

18- Ask people to opt in. Provide a way for people to subscribe or register on every page of your website and suggest that they do so in the signature of every email you send.

19- Find lists. Chambers Of Commerce, Comapnies house, Yellow pages, … These organisations can help you find the prospects you’re looking for.

20- Attend networking meetings. Focus on collecting business cards, not just handing them out. Pick up any flyers or brochures you see displayed; those people may be prospects, too. Make sure you follow up with everyone.

21- Join a mastermind group. Meet regularly with a group of other business owners to share contacts, leads, and referrals.

22- Canvass on foot. Visit office buildings or industrial parks and collect information about the tenants. Pick up literature you see displayed or ask the receptionist for it.

23- Sponsor a contest. Ask people to enter a drawing for some valuable prizes or a competition where you will acknowledge the winners and publicise the results.

24- Exchange lists with a colleague. Trade contacts with someone who shares your market but isn’t a competitor. Or jointly sponsor a campaign using each other’s lists to promote you both.

25- Offer rewards for referrals. Affiliate programs, referral fees, and discounts on future services can all be incentives for people to pass along leads.

Remember, your #1 goal is to get people on your site and subscribe your e-newsletter or e-zine, because THAT is how you can guarantee the chance to market to them using drip email campaigns over time and win them over time!


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