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When looking for a firm to handle your practice’s marketing, there are 3 things you should know:

 1. You Can’t Judge a Book by its Price.

Some marketing firms bundle things together and offer a basic package with add-ons. Some provide services piecemeal. This makes it hard to compare apples to apples. Can we agree that even the “bargain package” is too expensive if you don’t get results?

 2. Who You Speak To May Not Be the Person Doing Your Work.

Large and medium sized marketing agencies are usually run by their principles; the ones with experience. These are the ones that will impress you with their knowledge and expertise, but the actual work will be passed down to others.

 3. Not All Agencies Offer a Guarantee for Your ROI and You Could Be Stuck With a Long Contract.

The reason many dental marketing agencies do not offer a guarantee is because they have no way to measure results. All they can provide is a litany of what they will do for you and still demand that your contractual obligations be fulfilled.

 So How Can You Know What To Look For? Here are the top 5 questions you should ask any dental marketing firm before you do business with them.

 #1: How Do You Charge?

 In reality, there are a few ways that dental marketing/SEO companies make money and charge for their services:

  • Markups and commissions: This will be money they make over and above what they charge. Outsourced work will quite often be marked up in price by the time it’s passed on to you and they may be making a commission on advertising, software or services that they recommend you purchase.
  •  Retainer: This is paid up front and adjusted as often as every quarter based on an estimate of your workload and what you actually used over the last quarter. Clients with a lot of work will find this works to their advantage for the short run but then get pummeled at the next review. Clients with minimum amounts of work are hurt by this scenario.
  •  Hourly Logged Time: In what would appear to be a straightforward way to determine costs, this method gets dicey really quickly. What may have seemed like a simple job can get dragged out as there is no incentive for anyone to accomplish things on time. Also, work that has a high priority to you may not be to them because their hourly margins are different.

Here at Winners Solutions almost always we choose to charge in a different way; by the project. Work to be done is carefully described and drawn up for each client, closely estimated and charged accordingly. The encumbrance is then on us to meet your expectations in the time budgeted and within the scope of the original project. This also means our clients know exactly what the cost is going to be for any project with no markups or commissions, no overages, and the margins are up to us to maintain. We feel it is the best client-oriented solution.

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