What is LifeCycle Marketing



In todays very competitive market, how do you cut through the noise and engage your potential buyers?

The answer is through Lifecycle Marketing, which includes listening to the customer across multiple channels and responding to them appropriately.

To be exact lifecycle marketing is about establishing a meaningful contact or connection with your ideal clients.

Here at Winners Solutions we specialise in helping small business owners in service industries, to increase their engagement and build a meaningful relationship with both prospective, as well as current and past customers, so they keep coming back to you time and time again, and turning them to your brand advocates that money can’t buy.

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en•gage = to establish a meaningful contact or connection with another



Our pioneering lifecycle marketing program starts by mapping out your customers’ buying journey, so we know what makes them tick at each stage of buying process. Lifecycle marketing strategy allows for interactions with potential and existing customers. These meaningful conversations are always two-way, relevant, multi-channel, timely, and ultimately – effective at turning leads into customers.


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At Nyoke, we view Lifecycle Marketing Framework as the foundation of our integrated digital marketing services.  The kind of engagement that we fosters goes beyond highly ineffective batch-and blast email strategies, which lessen the likelihood of connecting with potential buyers in the future.

With our strategy planning service, we can create a bedrock foundation and a clear road map for increased engagement, sales, marketing efficiency, effectiveness and growth. As an specialist sales and marketing agency for small businesses we develop bespoke strategy and tactics that create digital Engagement opportunities for your brand to convert your website visitors into sales ready leads.

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We know that by creating relevant, compelling and informative content online, we can open up lines of engagement (conversation) with our target audience. Following this strategy with a great lead nurturing campaigns will result to generating high quantity of qualified leads with higher lead scores, which will claim kudos from your sales team and generate tones of happy new customers!

Whilst attracting and acquiring new customers through the use of marketing automation is key, we champion Lifecycle Marketing Framework as the best way to increase sales and ROI by encouraging customer retention.

By using tools for marketing automation like Infusionsoft and Google Analytics for monitoring and reporting, we assess what is working well with your strategy and how to boost retention rates so that your customers are inspired to re-advertise and recommend your products and services to their peers.


With our Lifecycle marketing strategy planning service, we can create a bedrock foundation and a clear road map for increased engagement, sales, marketing efficiency, effectiveness and growth.

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